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A few Hinge prompts I would leave anonymous compliments on, if I could

Natalie Warren
2 min readAug 27, 2022


A couple weeks ago I opened Hinge and found a comment from someone who had liked my profile: “Hey Natalie — just wanted to say phenomenal profile, it’s only a matter of time before you find some hunks, keep up the good work!”

I thought this was both very kind and unusual in the way it expressed approval without personal interest. As I thought about it with my housemate (who always looks at Hinge with me), we realized there are a LOT of people out there whom we would give compliments if we didn’t have to start a conversation with them afterward. I’ve seen a lot of profiles of people who seem cool or interesting, but very incompatible with me.

Since I’m not as brave as the guy who sent me the above comment, here are just a few of the best prompts I’ve seen. If you wrote any of these, consider yourself complimented.

  1. My mantra is “what am I gonna do, say no?” At first glance, this just seemed like an irresponsible mantra. Then my housemate and I started thinking about the possibility: “Hey Greg, can I have $10,000?” “What am I gonna do, say no?” This creates some very attractive opportunities.
  2. “We’ll get along if you are WIFE material: Woman Interested in Food and Eating.” Nice.
  3. “The one thing I want to know is what’s your favorite garden hose setting.” Quirky, cheerful, a little mundane but related to the outdoors — a great question.
  4. “I’m looking for a partner to do romantic things with like Christmas ice skating and opening a joint checking account.” Cute, cheesy, then an unexpected twist. Solid.
  5. My mantra is “Doubt is uncomfortable, certainty is ridiculous.” Honestly, that’s deep.

I’m taking a brief pause from Hinge now, but will update with more gems as I find them. It’s refreshing to see humane, silly, and honest thoughts on dating apps — I guess anything that makes Hinge more like Twitter is a win in my book?? Keep up the creative, kind, thoughtful prompts, folks!

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